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New at the Student Center:

Harry Potter Book Release Celebration - Press Release

NewCraft Shop Kids Summer Classes
and Adult Workshops

Debit Dawg Certificates

Give Debit Dawg Gift Certificates!

PDFSunset Concert Series - Press Release

Transportation Notes:

The Student Center covers more than eight acres of floor space. However, it is more than just a building. The programs and services offered provide for the social and academic development of our students. In addition, the Student Center serves as a unifying force, bringing together the campus and the community. It is an organization and a program, which work together to form a foundation for university life. We have a wide range of offices, restaurants, stores and activity areas, and all their hours of operation can be found at this site.

The Student Center is a department in the Division of Student Affairs, which periodically publishes a newsletter.

The Student Center offers students, faculty, and staff a place to sit back and relax, gather a group to study or grab a bite to eat. With multiple dining locations, the University Bookstore, ATM and Western Union stations, check cashing services, the ID Card office, and Debit Dawg activations and deposits all under one roof, the Student Center can make the practical side of University life a breeze. Add a little fun by attending one of the many films, concerts, lectures, or other events, enjoying a game of bowling or billiards, or getting creative in the Craft Shop.